Performance Monitoring

The proper functional behaviour of your wind turbine needs to be monitored continuously in order to rectify any negative effects and to be able to schedule preventive maintenance. 

Maximum long term power output

MECAL has the experience and know-how to review and assess the wind turbine’s condition and to propose economically viable solutions to improve your return on investment.

By continuously monitoring the wind turbine’s condition, future issues can be identified at an early stage. If we identify current or possible issues, the normal actions taken are:

Root cause analysis:

  • Investigate the Scada data from the last year in detail
  • Measure to confirm hypothesis
  • Inform client on the cause of the issue
  • Propose possible solution(s)
  • Support in finding the correct party to implement the issue

We investigate the performance of your wind turbine

With this service, you are provided with the management information needed in order to actively operate your wind farm and to prevent possibly huge costs that may come up. By investigating the performance of your turbine we provide you with the information needed to report your monthly figures and support these with obtained facts.

Using MECAL Performance Monitoring results in a controlled, stable and improved production of energy from your wind turbine.

For more information, please contact our business unit Wind Farm Services.