Owners' & Banks' Engineer

If you are planning, buying or operating a wind farm, MECAL can provide you with a number of services concerning your wind farm. We can help you from greenfield to operation with the design of a wind farm, tendering contractors and managing construction.

Helping you choose the right wind turbine for your site

MECAL’s expertise in wind turbines and contracts help make it easier for you to create bankable projects and chose the right wind turbine for your site. We understand that there is a lot to gain during discussions about Turbine Purchase Agreements, Maintenance & Sales Agreements, and Balance of Plant contracts.

Solid construction supervisors - eyes and ears on site

Having over 20 years of experience in wind energy, we can provide you with solid construction supervisors that will be your eyes and ears on-site during the planning, design and construction of your wind farm.

O&M cost forecasting model

With our O&M cost forecasting model, we can predict future O&M cost, which results in a more accurate financial report for banks and investors. We like to make sure you have all your risks managed and assist you in delivering the best possible return on your investment.

For more information, please contact our business unit Wind Farm Services.